The Benefits of Laminate Flooring

Our selection of laminate flooring provides a glamorous style for your homes. When it comes to your choice of flooring, laminate is easy to install, easy to maintain, and easy to clean. Unlike natural wood floors, laminate floors are highly resistant to both staining and fading. Laminate flooring is environmentally friendly, designed from recycled materials.

Carpet from Century Flooring and Décor

We offer a wide selection of carpet that can match your interests. Our carpet selection consists of three different kinds including stain resistant, wear resistant, and stain + wear resistant. Stain resistant carpets are made with Polyester Fiber. When it is your choice of carpet, you should no longer stress over spills. Stain resistant carpets are great for quiet spaces with moderate to low traffic like offices and bedrooms. Wear resistant carpet is made with Nylon Fiber. It resists crushing and matting and stands up to the heaviest traffic. This kind of carpet is best for areas that see a lot of action like stairs, living rooms, and hallways. Stain + Wear resistant carpet offers excellent durability. It resists both stains and wear without giving up the softness. This kind of carpet can be installed in any area with heavy traffic and also in areas that can be highly exposed to stains like dining rooms.

Ceramic Tile

Century Flooring and Décor offers a wide selection of tile which includes ceramic, porcelain, and accents tiles. Ceramic tile is ideal for all kinds of interior applications. We offer a wide selection of colors, styles, and sizes in rustic to meet your interests. Porcelain tile is one of the hardest tile options. Its dense material provides high water resistance. Accents tile provides inspiration with fashionable patters, mosaics, and varied textures like stone, glass, and metal.

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